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The DIY Guide to Drums

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Non-intimidating and playful illustrated instruction book for the drum kit.  Comes with an audio download of the beats and exercises in the book by Lisa Schonberg and released by Tom Tom Publishing.

"I wrote the first edition of The DIY Guide to Drums in 2001 in Olympia WA and bound it by hand to sell on tour. The second edition had a letter-pressed cover made at Community Print. Soon thereafter buyolympia.com began selling these on their site. A later version of this edition was smaller and had hand-stenciled cover art. The 5th edition of this book was published in 2016 in partnership with Tom Tom Publishing.

I have known many people to love and learn from this book and hope you will too. It might even make you laugh. The book comes with a link to an audio download of all the exercises and beats – recorded by Claudia Meza many moons ago, and complete with chimes to cue page turns." - author Lisa Schonberg.

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