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The DIY Guide to Drums 2020: Expanded and Revised


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Brand new expanded and revised version of the classic
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Ann Schonberg

5th edition presented by Tom Tom Publications

The DIY Guide to Drums is a non-intimidating & playful illustrated instruction book for the drum kit. Beginners will find it's detailed explanations helpful, and intermediate players who want to improve their technique and form, learn new styles, or practice reading will also find it immensely useful. The book comes with an audio download of beats and exercises in the book. People of all ages have loved learning from this book and we think you will too.

All content Copyright 2020 Lisa Ann Schonberg / Sunshine Babies


"I wrote the first edition of The DIY Guide to Drums in 2001 in Olympia WA and bound it by hand to sell on tour. The second edition had a letter-pressed cover that I made with the help of friends at Community Print and was distributed by buyolympia.com. The 3rd edition was a smaller size, made with binder rings and chipboard covers. The first machine-bound (4th) edition was published by buyolympia.com in 2008, M’Lady’s Records in 2012, and Tom Tom Publications in 2017. This new expanded 5th edition contains 40 pages of new content and 60 revised pages informed by my time as a private instructor at Revival Drum Shop in Portland, OR. Thank you to all of my students for working with me and inspiring me to develop these teaching methods." - Lisa Schonberg

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