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Secret Drum Band: The Hylaeus Project - Digital Download


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A recording of Secret Drum Band's live performance of music from The Hylaeus Project. These pieces are based on soundscapes of field sites visited on a month-long field expedition in Hawaii in search of the rare native Hawaiian Hylaeus bees.  

Digital download includes 4 percussion compositions based on the soundscape and character of Hylaeus habitats, plus a bonus track "Pepeaio" and the Hylaeus Project liner notes. 

SECRET DRUM BAND is a noise & percussion ensemble that began as a four-piece in 2006 in Olympia, WA. Lisa Schonberg composes the music for SDB, and these compositions are carried out & interpreted by a rotating cast of percussionists and noise musicians. The most recent iterations of the group have included up to five drummers and two musicians creating noises, loops and tones. Heather Treadway designs costumes for the ensemble. Lisa's compositions for SDB are often place-based explorations of soundscapes, species assemblages, ecological function, and movement. 

This performance featured Heather Treadway, Marisa Anderson, Ben Tyler, Sara Lund, Allan Wilson and Aidan Koch.

Track Listing:

1. Coqui
2. Kipukapuaulu
3. Polihale/ Kilauea/South Point
4. Habitat sound collage
5. Pepeaio (bonus track only with digital download purchase!)


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