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The DIY Guide to Drums 2020: Expanded and Revised



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Expanded and revised 5th edition of the classic method book, in print or EPub format
Written and illustrated by Lisa Ann Schonberg
104 pp,
with audio download of all beats + exercises
5th print edition proudly presented by Tom Tom Publications

The DIY Guide to Drums is a non-intimidating & playful illustrated instruction Ebook for the drum kit. Beginners will find it's detailed explanations helpful, and intermediate players who want to improve their technique and form, learn new styles, or practice reading will also find it immensely useful.

The DIY Guide to Drumming made me want to re-learn everything I knew about playing the drums. It simplifies the approach to drumming, without losing any of the important elements. I really enjoyed the even split between visual art and music education. Learning something new can sometimes be intimidating. The DIY Guide to Drumming is the opposite of that. It’s inviting and encouraging. This book is more than learning about drums. To me, it’s about patience and self expression. Going easy on yourself as a musician, while still learning, practicing, and moving forward. Plus, this is the first time I’ve seen rudiments presented not as a test, but as an encouragement to help someone to become a better drummer - FRED ARMISEN (SNL/Portlandia/Stand-up For Drummers)

As a self taught drummer who has become a drum teacher, I can highly recommend this book to beginners or intermediates who want to step up their game. It is also great for the experienced self taught drummer interested in learning to read or learning what those things they've been doing all those years are even called! Lisa's clear direction coupled with lovely and adorable illustrations make this by the far the most user friendly drum book I have come across! - SARA LUND (Unwound/Hungry Ghost)

All content Copyright 2020 Lisa Ann Schonberg / Sunshine Babies

Printed by The Gloo Factory, Tucson AZ
Copyedited by Blaire Stapp
Audio Engineering by Anthony Brisson

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