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Ludwig / Acrolite snare / 5 x 14 / 1966


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We're huge fans of Acrolites in general, but there's something extra magical about the '60s Keystone Badge snares which is why they're so sought after by collectors. They just feel and sound better than later decades. Not only do they sound great, with a crisp crack and a wide tuning range, they're well built, made in the USA and are inexpensive drums that have stood the test of time and aren't going anywhere.

This Acrolite is in excellent condition with only a couple light scratches and some rust on the loops and tension rods. Serial # 363900. P83 strainer, baseball bat muffler, new Remo Ambassador on top, and brand new PureSound brass snare wires. Date stamp August 12 (or 13, hard to read), 1966.

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