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Evans / EQ4 / Frosted bass drumhead



Product Details

The Beat says: All hail the blast master EQ4. This is the head you use to get a round, boomy bass drum sound that's controlled just a bit and accentuates the tonal properties of your drum. It doesn't sound thuddy, like a pillow's in your kick, and it doesn't sound floppy either. It can have a full "808" effect, or be cranked up for a bop kit. 

- Pairs well with a Calftone head on the reso side. 

- For you 16" bass drum folks - use this head and your little kick will sound like a 20". 


Evans says: The EQ4 Batter Coated features an internal control ring that varies depending on the size of the head and 10mil single-ply construction that's durable. It gives you precise slap with just the right low-frequency thunder. The coating adds additional warmth, focus, and depth to the sound.

  • Bass drumhead
  • Coated finish
  • Very defined attack
  • Very warm tone
  • Focused sustain
  • Moderate feel

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