District Drum Company Custom Snare Drums

District Drum Company

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District Drum Company designs and builds custom snare drums from a variety of woods, plys and wraps.  District Drum Company is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
"We understand that having a custom built snare drum is like being a kid in a candy store.
We have a motto of 'Hit it HARD' here at District Drum, so we will be modeling your drum with die cast or 3mm triple flange hoops.
High end snare wires are an important element in making a snare drum sound like a rockin' snare drum so at District Drum Company, we only use PURESOUND Snare wires. 
And for a hard hitter who needs a pair of durable heads, AQUARIAN  Hi-Energy/Classic Clear is standard on every drum we deliver.
Thank you and as always,'HIT IT HARD!".

Available in 6-7 X 14.
3 mm Chrome Hoops
Pure Sound Snare Wire
Heavy Duty Ghost Note Lugs
Heavy Duty ROCK Throw Off and But Plate
Aquarian Heads
10 ply North American Rock Maple Shells